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Why us?

Open Source

Getting to an open-source future, and building on one's other achievements which is critical to the innovation of the future.

Design and Testing

Produce high-quality software without increasing the cost, unscheduled and unwanted runtime stoppages, ensuring continued execution.

Issue and Project Tracking

Fast turnaround time and daily progress updates. Contribute visually to your project and help in the development workflow.

Project First

Ready to start immediately, No upfront amount until once the project is complete or as per your satisfaction.

About Us

We are committed to Open Source, contributions are what make the open-source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create.

Take advantage of the online space!

Our Projects



Humor and code go hand in hand. It's a hassle when you have to explain it. We have the most entertaining code-related memes.

Those who understand binary will find this place useful. Check it out :)



Gamerce allows you to sign up, select your favorite games, and add the game name and ID.Share your profile with new friends to make new connections.

You don't have to hustle anymore.


TellaMicro Bot

BotellaMicro is a free URL shortener bot that redirects to a specific website of your choice when long, ugly links are converted to short, unique URLs.

To shorten links, use this tool.


Kutiit API

Kutiit(people of the mouth/people who speak the same language) API is a REST API with Kalenjin Proverbs, English, Meaning, and the Tribe—built with Spring Boot and MySQL.